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Photo courtesy of Le Patin Libre


About Le Patin Libre:
Le Patin Libre was founded in 2005, on the frozen ponds of Montréal. The skaters who founded the group sacrificed easier careers in the traditional “On Ice” show business to dedicate themselves to their creations. The first appearances of the group were done outdoors, in winter carnivals. They were immediately noticed by the media. Quickly, the troop appeared in the biggest winter event of Québec, inaugurated a new Olympic site of the 2010 Olympic Games, toured in France and Switzerland and self-produced many events.

Disappointed with the lack of opportunities for self-expression and artistic endeavors in the figure skating show business, the artists that formed Le Patin Libre quit the world where they trained for many years. They now use their skating skills as an artistic vocabulary, exactly as dancers use their dancing skills.  The troop has used the term “contemporary skating” for approximately three years. The troop is proud to initiate many of its winter spectators to the joys of contemporary performance art with a cool attitude and the virtuosity of world-class skaters.

Le Patin Libre


Le Patin Libre is more than just another skating troupe! They will amaze and dazzle visitors to The Natrel® Rink with short, impromptu performances and interactive rink animation throughout the weekend. First-time skaters and experts alike will be invited to join the artists in games and challenges.

Watch all the action live online with our webcam!

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