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Photo: Annie Sakkab


About Arts for Children and Youth:
Arts for Children and Youth engages marginalized children and youth from priority neighborhoods in high quality and meaningful arts programs. AFCY believes that direct participation in the arts provides young people with numerous benefits.

Arts for Children and Youth


Arts for Children and Youth (AFCY) partner with HarbourKIDS for the second year in a row and they have so many ways for you to express yourself through the arts! You can make a snowflake, decorate a Meals on Wheels lid to brighten the day of someone who can’t go outside, add your own “tag” to the Graffiti Fort or even take part in a Secret Beatboxing Workshop.

Have a blast at the following activities:

Graffiti Fort
You’ve heard of a snow fort, but what about a graffiti fort? This white canvas tent is just crying out for you to make your mark on its walls. AFCY’s youth arts assistants will be there to help you try out your graffiti skills. This contemporary art form is more about communication than about painting pretty pictures. Do you have a message for the world? Say it and spray it with our non-toxic spray bottles!

Secret Beatboxing Workshop with Subliminal (10 minute workshops every 30 minutes)
After you have made your mark on the Graffiti Fort, step inside for a secret beatboxing workshop. It’s a “secret” because there are no mics, no audience, nothing but you and your voice.

Meals-on-Wheels: Interactive Art-Making Activity
Using the crayons, markers and pencils provided, artists of all ages will be invited to draw on cardboard food container lids. The colourful completed artworks will brighten the dining experience of the Meals-on-Wheels recipients as they are delivered throughout the city. Stencils and shaped cookie-cutters will be on hand and can be traced to create layered, graffiti-style designs.

Learn how to make a snowflake as unique as you are, using only paper and scissors! You can take your snowflake home with you, but we would love it if you’d leave it with us, so that we can create a winter wonderland indoors!

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