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Photo: Craig Morrison


Oasis Skateboard Factory Designs a Custom HarbourKIDS Deck


About Oasis Alternative Secondary School:
In November 2006, 20 students completed a successful month-long pilot project on skateboard design as part of the new Arts & Social Change Program. With Toronto District School Board and Toronto Foundation for Student Success funding to extend the project, an art room at Oasis Alternative S.S. was transformed into a skateboard/longboard design studio where students ran a skateboard building and graphic design cooperative business.

Drawing on the expertise of artist/teacher Craig Morrison with support from designers Norah Jackson & Ted Hunter (Roarockit Skateboard Company), students learned through the hands-on experience of constructing and shaping their own original skateboard decks, designing and applying stencil graffiti style graphics and displaying, marketing and selling their creations by outreaching to the local school community of the Queen St. Arts & Design District and beyond. In September 2009, the OSF expanded programming into a classroom in the Scadding Court Community Centre (located at Dunbat Skate Park), becoming one of the world's first skateboard design high school sites where students earn credits through this unique focus.

About Joachim Lau:

Joachim Lau is a German artist who currently lives and works in Toronto. He found his way into graphics and illustrations through the love of graffiti, street art and the strong urge to create. Graduating as a graphic designer in 2005 he continued on to study illustration in Hamburg, where he received his diploma in 2011. Being a versatile artist, Joachim is adapt at line drawings, acrylic and oil paintings, digital graphics, 3-D renderings, design toys as well as carpentry skills; making him an all around maker of things beautiful and functional.

Skateboard-Making demos with Oasis Skateboard Factory


Ever wonder how skateboards are made? Now you can find out, as students from Oasis Alternative Secondary School create a brand new skateboard from scratch, right before your eyes. A demonstration of skateboard design and building presented by students at the Oasis School and guest artist Joachim Lau.

Harbourfront Centre is commissioning Oasis Skateboard Factory to design and build a special HarbourKIDS longboard, which will be built live on site all day on Sunday and Monday. Oasis students will demonstrate and describe the process using prepared pieces from different stages. There will also be a display of boards completed by students in this innovative programme.

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