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About Seung Ah Kim:

Seung Ah Kim is a storyteller inspired by her childhood listening to old Korean folk tales from her grandmother. Her grandmother loved stories and she told them to Seung Ah to soothe her crying. Seung Ah tells the stories in a dynamic and interactive way that is engaging for audiences of all ages. She has produced several Korean storytelling concerts and considers old Korean  tales to be effective cross-cultural communication tools. Pansori is a difficult concept to understand - even for Koreans. Ms. Kim edited the story, and the emotions and integrity of the story. This is the debut performance of Pansori Storytelling Concert in Toronto.


Pansori Storytelling Concert


Pansori is a genre of musical storytelling performed by a vocalist and a drummer rooted in the Korea of the Joseon period (1392-1910). It is comprised of five stories. “Chunhyang-ga,” the most romantic of the stories, will be told by Korean storyteller, Seung Ah Kim. Come and enjoy this traditional Korean storytelling experience performed in English.

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