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About Retrocity:

For pure a cappellatude, look no further than Retrocity. Eight totally rad singers electric boogaloo their way through your favourite tunes from the ’80s and beyond without a Casio keyboard or drum machine in sight.

Retrocity was born 1998, when a group of graduates from a collegiate vocal ensemble decided to form an a cappella band devoted to the music of their misspent youth. What started as a one-night-only concert turned into an 11-year phenomenon that continues to hit audiences squarely in their nostalgia cortex. Retrocity has since expanded its repertoire to cover musical vintages of all kinds from jazz to soul to funk... but the group’s heart still belongs to the ’80s. The bold, textured a cappella arrangements capture an astonishing range of instrumental imitation. Righteous guitar riffs, sensual sax solos, dope drum beats and sizzling synths all performed with the human voice. From Sting to Salt-n-Pepa, nobody delivers a blast of tubular tuneage like Retrocity. Retrocity’s high-calibre musicianship and kinetic shows are popular with audiences of all kinds. The group offers professional vocal clinics and workshops, and aims to bring their high-energy performance to clubs, concert halls and festivals around the world.

About Human Record Beatboxer:

Human Record, a.k.a. Luke Stapleton, is a professional beatbox artist from Toronto. He astonishes crowds by using his lips, tongue, throat and nose to make percussion sounds that come from him – and only him. Human Record is a phenomenally versatile performer who has performed in Canada, the US, China, Mexico and the Caribbean Islands. Highlights include garnering various awards, a long-standing beatboxing commercial on Much Vibe, and a promotional commercial with Amanda Marshall on MuchMusic. He has been featured on Rogers TV, City Pulse News, CHCH Hamilton, 89.5 CIUT-FM and much more.

Retrocity and Human Record Beatboxer


No instruments required. Over an hour of '80s a cappella pop awesomeness is in store as Retrocity (pictured) and Human Record turn the Brigantine Room inside out!  

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