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Marilyn Brewer Community Space

2-2:30pm: Traditional Bulgarian crafts

2:30-3:10pm: Presentation of Children’s Group Bulgarche and folk dances with Dimitrovche

3:10-3:45pm: Songs from Bulgaria and Beyond with Irene Markoff and members of York University's Balkan Music ensemble

3:45-4:30pm: Traditional Bulgarian crafts

Brigantine Room

4:30-5pm: Photography slide show

5-5:15pm: Artist talk with Theodosii Spassov and Boyka Velkova

5:20-7:10pm: Bulgarian film The Island, Director Kamen Kalev

7:30-8pm: Photography slide show

8-9:30pm: Theodosii Spassov Jazz Trio concert (Buy tickets)

Soul Journey to Bulgaria

Everyone:FREE (unless indicated)

Experience a "Soul Journey to Bulgaria," featuring a unique blend of traditional Bulgarian culture and modern artistic expression, including jazz music, photography, folk singing and dancing, traditional crafts and film.

Highlights include a performance by world-famous virtuoso on the kaval, Theodosii Spassov and his Jazz Trio, the interactive folklore singing presentation of the renowned Bulgarian-Canadian ethnomusicologist Irene Markoff and members of York University's Balkan Music ensemble, and the charming performances of the children’s group Bulgarche and the folk dance formation, Dimitrovche.

This event will capture the hearts of Bulgarians and Canadians alike!

Co-produced by Bulgarian Arts Festival.

Note: All events are free except for the Theodosii Spassov Jazz Trio concert. Tickets for the performance are $34 regular and $27.50 for seniors, students and groups of 10 or more. Click here to buy tickets.

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