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Photo: Derek Flores


About our host, Derek Flores:

Derek Flores has been improvising for almost 18 years. He started his training with Keith Johnstone at the world-renowned Loose Moose Theatre before creating the international touring comedy group, The 3 Canadians. In 2001, Derek moved to Toronto to join Canadian comedy institution Second City where he spent five years. In 2006, after being a part of the Canadian team that won The World Cup of Theatresports in Germany, Derek moved to Wellington, New Zealand and joined the Wellington Improvisation Troupe where he is now co-creative director.

The Sweet Variety of Circus


Host Derek Flores welcomes jugglers, clowns, comedians and other talented folk to the stage. Over the weekend you’ll get to enjoy performances by:

Aiden Orange

Aiden Orange is filled with organs, many of them vital. The use of these organs has allowed him to perform a number of interesting yo-yo and contortion tricks and has not prevented him from balancing large objects on his face. Aiden has travelled all over the world performing for the likes of the President of Singapore and David Letterman, and appearing on The Daily Planet (Discovery Channel), MuchMusic, Breakfast Television and Mr. Magorium’s Wonder Emporium, starring Dustin Hoffman and Natalie Portman.

Scot Free

Beware: entertainer at large! Wanted for unrelenting showmanship, inciting fun, public slapstick and suspicious silliness. Award-winning Scot Free is armed with astounding stunts dangerous only to himself. Distinguishing features include:  argyle socks, a manipulated bowler, tuxedo and sneakers. Aided and abetted by: astonished audiences and amazed accomplices in an act of altogether butt-kicking amusement. Facts of the case: the show is fun for all ages, come see if the daredevil gets off… Scot Free!


This artist’s high-energy demonstration showcases a wealth of talent, developed over 10 years of fire play. A skilled manipulator of blazing props and a charismatic comedic character, you’ll be mesmerized by a lavish storm of fiery brilliance. A sure-fire hit not to be missed!


You’ll be amazed as Pancho, a.k.a Francisco Sandoval, dazzles with the Cyr wheel and Chinese pole.

A recently developed circus discipline, the Cyr wheel is elegant in its simplicity – a pure circle – and features a refined sense of balance as the artist presents impeccable acrobatic moves performed inside the large, single hoop as it rolls over the stage on its edge. It’s the perfect complement to the static, vertical nature of the Chinese pole.

A Chinese pole is a commanding salute to the power of dedication, brute strength and sheer force of human will. An amazing circus athlete climbs, hops, slides and holds incredible poses, including the famous “human flag” where he slowly strikes and holds a straight-armed vertical pose perfectly perpendicular to the hard line of the vertical pole. Amazing!

Terrence Drake

Danger, suspense and charisma delivered with style. Who is Terrence Drake? He's a seasoned master of prop manipulation including poi, torches, single and double staff - just some of the complex tools he uses to hypnotic effect. All with personality, dynamism a touch of hilarity.

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