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About Faustwork Mask Theatre:

Faustwork Mask Theatre is committed to exploring and celebrating the art of the Mask, to challenging and delighting audiences of all ages with a unique synthesis of theatre, physical comedy, music, dance and poetry.

The Mask Messengers


The Mask Messengers from Faustwork Mask Theatre is stand-up, physical theatre and comedy in the guise of a lecture/demonstration about masks. The show brims with wit, wisdom and insight, even though the audience is often laughing too hard to notice. In vignettes ranging from comic to poignant to bizarre, the show includes silent masks brought to life with outrageous physicality; comic characters who speak from behind half-masks; and exotic creatures created by masks worn other parts of the body. The menagerie of characters unmasks the folly humans encounter when they act as if life were simple and appearances were not deceiving.

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