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Photo: Jane Hayes

Garden Jane


The Cirque Dirt/Garden Jane tent is back with spring roots, seeds and shoots programming! A hands-on experience with lots of great activities including:

Roots and Shoots
Kids can join us in making roots and shoots soup (and other side dishes) with veggies from nearby farms. We'll demonstrate how to grow sprouts too, before the abundance of summer kicks in. We'll serve it all up to anyone who wants some healthy bites as they enjoy their time at the Harbourfront Centre. Simple healthy recipes along with nutritional info will be shared.

Seed Ball Revolution
This fun activity starts with the story of the Great Seedball Revolution, led by a young Japanese farmer named Masanobu Fukuoka. Masanobu discovers how to blend seeds, clay and compost in a way that allows him to grow his farm with much less work. Learn his ways, and better yet, to juggle a garden. Learn about local and edible seeds that work in seed balls. This is a “make and take” activity as kids can take a seed ball or three home.

Closing the Circus Loop – Community Composting
Circuses are often a place of community innovation and since they traditionally fed many people on the road, we offer a demonstration of how to keep community food service clean and green. Kids will love our composting station. They can help grind and chop the food scraps from our kitchen and then feed our worms.

Circus Cooperation
How else could we serve 1,000 people tea with 100 cups? At this station kids are invited to wash their own cup or plate. We wash dishes to public health code while showing kids how to avoid Styrofoam and paper outdoors.

Learning Family
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