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About Muddy York:

Anne Lederman and Ian Bell have been playing great old-time Canadian music for longer than they care to admit. In the late 1970s, they formed the group Muddy York, in order to bring the traditional songs and dance music of Canada to audiences that often didn’t even know they existed. For eight years the duo performed at folk festivals, museums, historic site and did a two-week stint at Expo ’86 in Vancouver.

Since then, they have performed both together and solo, and made many recordings, including one devoted to Ontario music: Scatter The Ashes - Music of Old Ontario. This recording drew largely on the music found in manuscript tune books from the early 1800s and breathed new life into the old song, jigs and reels with imaginative, energetic arrangements.

Anne and Ian have performed across Canada, in the United States, the British Isles and even Estonia. They have played on radio, movie soundtracks and television shows including Road to Avonlea. They have also appeared numerous times on Stuart McLean’s Vinyl Cafe on CBC Radio. Both continue to make recordings of both traditional and original music. Anne sings and plays fiddle, piano, mandolin, bones, jaw harp and foot percussion. Ian sings and plays guitar, button accordion, small pipes and harmonica.


Fiddlers and Firebrands: Music from Old Ontario


The Toronto Music Garden sits a stone’s throw from Fort York, the site of fierce battles during the War of 1812, when US forces wreaked havoc along Toronto’s waterfront. To mark the bicentenary, we’re delighted to present the traditional music legend Muddy York – Anne Lederman and Ian Bell – along with three of their best musical friends. Through newly arranged songs and dance tunes from 19th-century Ontario, they will take us from the War of 1812 through the Upper Canada Rebellion of 1837, and musically tell the story of a new country finding its own identity.

Anne Lederman: fiddle, long-necked mandolin, tenor guitar, voice
Ian Bell, guitar: concertina, button accordion, mandolin, voice
Tom Leighton: piano, accordion
Jeff Bird: string bass
Pat O’Gorman: bagpipes, Irish flute, tin whistle, Uillean pipes

Thanks to Phyllis & Bill Waters.

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