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Photo: Kaleb Robertson


About Meagan O’Shea & Stand Up Dance™:

Meagan O’Shea has been leading and creating dance for all ages and stages for many years. In the summer of 2007 she initiated dance like no one is watching, a guerilla dance project on the streets of Toronto. Over the last five summers the project has evolved to include spontaneously choreographed dances created through shared improvisation practice and pre-set choreography a la flash mob.

Meagan O’Shea’s work fuses contemporary dance, improvisation and storytelling with visual spectacle to create innovative performances. Her innate playfulness, combined with a curiosity for content and a rigour in performance practice, generates work that is accessible and provocative.

Stand Up Dance™ creates innovative, exceptional, compelling work inspired by physical discovery, storytelling, theatre, clown and comedy. Examining ideas from unexpected angles and engaging audiences on multiple levels produces unique performances that are captivating, humourous, and intelligent. Clever in concept, Stand Up Dance™ works are at once entertaining and profound, intimate and expansive, playful and sincere.
Stand Up Dance™ supports the work of artist Meagan O’Shea through the creation, production, presentation, and dissemination of interdisciplinary performance and installation work. Collaborating with professional, emerging, and community artists, Stand Up Dance™ engages, entertains, challenges, and reflects local, national and international audiences.

Based in Toronto, Stand Up Dance™ also offers movement, improvisation, performance, and creation workshops.

“One of the city’s most engaging independent artists” – Toronto Star

The Stand Up Dance Toddler Dance Parties


Dancing with others is one of the great pleasures in life and we don’t do it enough. Kids love to move and to groove. When performing in public spaces with family audiences, toddlers frequently engage by dancing on the side or joining in. We decided to include them more formally: a dance party for the under five set. This is a combination of inviting everyone to dance, following their lead, proposing simple dance moves and instructions, leading actions along with songs, follow the leader, and dance games. Children can participate as much or as little as they want. It is an open space where solo, group and non-participation is welcomed. You can dance if you want to, you can watch if you want to. Stand Up Dance Toddler Dance Parties™ offer a mixture of facilitated dance activity, lead dancing, open space, secret dance missions and spot performances all with great music.

Facilitated by dancer Meagan O'Shea and Stand Up Dance™.

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