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The following vendors are featured this weekend. Please call our information hotline at 416-973-4000 for the most up-to-date vendor information:

Alisun Rocks: handmade beauty-related products from Canada. *August 10-12 only

Canaysia Gifts

Canlish International Inc.: handmade semi-precious stone jewellery.

Everest Craft


Falcon Fashion: traditional and fashion bangles, bracelets and rings, and pashmina shawls.

Gobind Handicrafts: exquisite handcrafted woolen, cotton, silk and raw silk scarves, stoles, embroidered shawlks, ladies’ embroidered cotton and silk tops, handmade wall hangings from rural India and bone and glass jewellery.


Imomonet: mobile phone and tablet accessories, charms, earphones.

JMD Fashion *August 10-12 only

L of N Trading: Oriental arts and crafts, lanterns, porcelain lamps, stone/wood wood carvings, purse locks, kimonos, tissue cvers, jewellery and candles.

Mai Thai Trade


Modern Tibet

Mystique Jewellery & Fashion Accessories: costume and silver jewellery, and fashion accessories.

Nutan’s Creations *August 10-12 only

Pheylonian Beeswax Candles

South American Vintage Plus: crafts, home décor and accessories from Uruguay. Ceramic figurines, cups carved from gourds, mobiles made of natural stones/gourds/bamboo. Handcrafted decorations made of gourd, leather, palm leaves. Paintings by Uruguayan artists. Real stone and sterling silver jewellery, custom jewellery, and hand-carved boxes.

Tanya Trading: antibacterial, ergonomic and versatile Coqui shoes.

Tribal Links: handmade organic products, shea butter, black soya candles, incense, body/massage oils, painting and carvings. - *August 10-12 only

Yes World Boutique: crafts and accessories. - *August 10-12 only

International Marketplace


Shop the world, every weekend, all summer long. Our International Marketplace features fab finds from all corners of the globe. Choose from Indonesian textiles, Indigenous crafts, African artifacts, jewellery from Thailand and South America and much, much more!


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