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About Digging Roots:

As vocalists, Kish and Kanatakta play well off each others' strengths and here they both have been given room to stretch out. Kish's emotional range is showcased throughout the record from breathy seductive texture on songs like "Brave Enough" to a sweet almost naive approach on "These Hands" to the throaty wails that have garnered her live performance references to the likes of Janis Joplin. 

Still playing tube-electrified acoustic guitars, Kanatakta's chops really shine through the new recording from minimalist melodies, to searing blues inspired slide guitar to epic Zeppelin-esque solos. Kanatakta sets himself apart from the pack with the fluidity of his musical ideas, playing with references to his influences (think, Hendrix meets Son House meets Derek Trucks) while still shaping an entirely original sound.

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Digging Roots


Digging Roots will be co-headlining with Kinnie Starr in an evening of Indigenous beats, blues and rhythms. This exciting group personifies our theme of "renewal," as they are not only creating sparks in their own community, but also in every community they bring their music to.

The album We Are, co-produced with Kinnie Starr, builds on the unique strength of Digging Roots' live sound with carefully crafted songs, tight studio arrangements and soulful performances. These are artists coming into their own with a groove-heavy album that spans a range of emotion from the dark haunted heartache on "Holes" to socially charged optimism on "Plant The Seeds." At the center of the new work is the chemistry and songwriting of ShoShona Kish and Raven Kanatakta. The title track and first single "We Are" exemplifies the convergence of their styles that is Digging Roots' almost undefinable sound...somewhere blurred between the lines of roots, rock, hip hop and blues.


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