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Painting: William M. Harnett (painter) 1815 - 1892, Attention Company (1878). Oil on canvas 26 x 28 in., Amon Carter Museum, Fort Worth, TX.



About choreographer Anthony “Prime” Guerra:
Choreographer and dance elder Anthony “Prime” Guerra, a native of Trinidad and Tobago,  has directed and choreographed numerous productions on both local and international levels. His profound knowledge of dance, the origins of dance and the African contribution to many of today’s dance forms, has made him highly sought after by many educational institutions, corporations, by other artists in dance, theatre and film. Guerra’s cultural dance research has brought rare (and traditional) Afro-Caribbean dances and historical information to light; and his original “prime dance” philosophy stating: “Form, feeling, meaning bring forth form, feeling, healing” has uncovered the healing and spiritual aspects of dance at its most primal essence.

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Black Corps: War of 1812

Regular:$25 Students/Seniors:$15

Celebrating Canadian history and Canadian heroes during the War of 1812 Bicentennial, Black Corps: War of 1812 is about the unheard story of 35 black men who fought and won fame during the war. This black militia, led by Richard Pierpoint, was integral in the victory of the British (Loyalists) over the United States (Patriots).

The performance profiles the life of blacks in Canada and comprises of a range of music and dance genres, including the blues (Howling Wolf), reggae (Bob Marley, Jimmy Cliff), classical (Chevalier de St. Georges) and live drumming. The dance pieces feature modern dance, contemporary dance, hip hop, and West African styles.

Presented by Afro-Caribbean Dance Group.

The performances on Saturday, June 16 features a post-show artist talk-back!

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