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The CALL OUT is literally making a "call out" to the world’s best b-boy/b-girl crews that would like to challenge the best b-boy/b-girl crews that Toronto has to offer! We, as a b-boy/b-girl community, would love to not only compete with the world’s best but to show them how we express and love hip hop culture. 

Toronto is a special place and we have history in the b-boy/b-girl scene. Some crews from Toronto have won many large-scale competitions. Crews such as Bag of Trix have members in Rock Steady Crew, one of the major crews that started this dance we all love. The time has come for Toronto to step up to the plate again, but this time we're bringing the world to us. And we promise to show them how we get down.

Hosted by Benzo from Bag of Trix.

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