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About the Awesome Foundation: Toronto Chapter:

The Toronto Awesome Foundation is part of an ever-growing, worldwide network of people devoted to forwarding the interest of awesomeness in the universe. Each month Toronto Awesome gives a brown paper bag containing $1,000 to a project, no strings attached. In a year and a half, Awesome has funded such things as a night of making cardboard forts, an online romantic map of kisses, creating shelters for homeless people from IKEA furniture and the best fish tacos around. The Awesome trustees come from science, art, design, technology and social justice. Awesome Toronto wants everyone to engage in philanthropy, to participate and hear what Toronto thinks is awesome, to think how they would spend their money, and to help the most awesome project move forward.

In partnership with the Awesome Foundation.

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The Awesome Pitch


The Toronto Chapter of the Awesome Foundation celebrates the power of the collective by awarding a winner a brown paper bag containing $1,000 to a project that’s "awesome" each month. 

Join us for the Awesome Pitch as you help vote for this special prize with finalists pitching their "awesome" project to the audience and Awesome Foundation trustees.

In partnership with the Awesome Foundation.

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