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About Transjoik:

Over the last few years, Transjoik has released four critically acclaimed CDs, has toured in Scandinavia, Europe, the USs and Canada and has established itself as one of the most exciting ventures at the international crossroads where authentic folk music meets fresh, new urban sounds.
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One of Planet IndigenUS’ curatorial sub-themes, "celebration gathering light," looks at the importance of creating a space that showcases the creative achievements of Indigenous innovators. Transjoik are such innovators. 

Norway's Transjoik creates music that is exciting, vital and powerful, blending song, throat joiking, a muezzin’s call to prayer, rap, and recitation. Transjoik consists of four musicians who use the human voice in a way you’ve never heard before. Derived from old joik recordings on wax cylinders, the group’s music establishes a mood that is at once modern and timeless and suggestive.

The vocal phrasing is reinforced by two drum sets, synthethizers, electronic loops and bass guitar. If one must speak in terms of musical categories, electronic, ambient and trance are possible points of comparison.  

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