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The history of the Carnaval Ball in Brazil:

The first big Carnaval Ball happened in 1846, promoted by the Italian wife of a hotel owner. Clara Delmastro missed the glamour of the Venetian Balls. Over 1,000 people showed up at the party at Teatro São Januário!
And then the Copacabana Palace happened. The landmark hotel founded in 1924 brought glamour and international attention to Rio - this is where Fred first met Ginger! Hollywood mixed with local aristocrats. Jorginho Guinle hosted fabulous Carnaval Balls until 1973!

Another ball that became an institution was the Official City Gala Ball at the Municipal Theater. The first edition in 1932 had 4,000 patrons including President Getúlio Vargas. The balls went on until 1975 when experts concluded that all the thumping was literally damaging the structures of the historical palace. They changed venues and went on until 1991.

In the '70s and '80s balls spread to venues like Clube Sírio e Libanês, Iate Clube, Monte Líbano and Canecão. Guilherme Araújo promoted luxury balls at the Sugarloaf, and Ricardo Amaral started the trend of feijoada-chic with T-shirts as the invitation card. In 1993, after the Copacabana Palace was purchased by the Orient-Express Group, the luxury costume ball was reedited. Always on Carnaval Saturday, they remained as a big reference of a golden era that left nothing but good memories.

Brazilian Carnaval Ball


You can't help but have a great time at this carnaval ball featuring samba, traditional marchinhas, frevos, and much more! The Banda Bracatum and singers Cibele Iglesias and Salviano Pessoa promise an unforgettable party.

Sponsored by Brazil Remittance.

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