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About the BRAFFTV Film Series:

The BRAFFTV Film Series features great Brazilian films selected and curated by award-winning director of photography, Katia Coelho.


The Brazilian Festival of Film & TV is in its sixth year and has presented over 200 films, workshops and panels to Canadian audiences. BRAFFTV fosters co-productions between Brazilian and Canadian filmmakers. 


BRAFFTV Film Series: Tonic Dominant


Tonic Dominant (Tônica Dominante) documents three days in the life of a young clarinetist who is in love with a violinist but can't get her attention. These three days correspond to a three-movement sonata – the director (Lina Chamie) is a musician, so she imprinted a musical structure to her movie, with afew dialogs and poetic images. It's a movie for music lovers.

Directed by Lina Chamie.


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