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About the BRAFFTV Film Series:

The BRAFFTV Film Series features great Brazilian films selected and curated by award-winning director of photography, Katia Coelho.


The Brazilian Festival of Film & TV is in its sixth year and has presented over 200 films, workshops and panels to Canadian audiences. BRAFFTV fosters co-productions between Brazilian and Canadian filmmakers. 


BRAFFTV Film Series: Short Films


Sit back and enjoy an afternoon of short films.

The following films will be screened:

The Stubborn Mule and the Remote Control
(15 mins)
The story of a friendship through a silent duel. Directed by Hélio Nunes.

The Man of the Tree (18 mins)
An ex-convict, Mário, builds his home on top of a tree in Brazil. From the tree-tops he tries to prove his innocence while supporting himself by collecting cans. Directed by Paula Mercedes.  

My Grandfather’s Hat (28 mins)
The relationship between the filmmaker and his grandfather, who owns a hat factory in Brazil. Directed by Júlia Zakia.

The Story of the Fig Tree (17 mins)
A film adaptation of the popular Luso-Brazilian song of the same name. Directed by Júlia Zakia. 

About the Tide (12 mins)
An old sailor lives on top of a building while his life is run by the moon and the cell. Directed by Guile Martins. 

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