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Painting: Beto Jardim


Participating artists include Beto Jardim, Ondina Marzano, Solange Escosteguy and Maciej Babinski.

About Beto Jardim:

A self-taught artist from Bahia, Brazil. His work has unique and irreverent traces. The design and the shape of his paintings invite you to dive into a world of living and vibrant colours. His contemporary art makes you escape the obvious, and shows a beautiful and eclectic creativity that only great artists can reach.

About Ondina Marzano:

Born and raised in São Paulo, Brazil, Ondina Marzano has a degree in music. She has been drawing since her childhood and has a passion for coloured pencils.

About Solange Escosteguy Cardoso:

Solange Escosteguy Cardoso was born in Porto Alegre, Brazil. A visual artist, painter and sculptor, she took part in the Nova Objetividade Brasileira which became a turning point movement for Brazilian Art in the sixties.

Throughout her career, Solange Escosteguy worked on multiple media, such as canvases, cotton, silk, wood, iron and papier maché. Her “wearable art,” objects, paintings and sculptures have been exhibited  in a number of museums and galleries in Brazil and abroad. 

About Maciej Babinksi:

Draftsman, engraver and painter Maciej Babinski lived in England between 1940 and 1947, and settled in Canada before moving to Rio de Janeiro in 1953. Although his early academic background was influenced by Canadian abstract avant-garde, together with pupils of Paul Emile Borduas, upon his arrival in Brazil, Babinski found in expressionism, mainly through his contact with Oswaldo Goeldi, a more adequate atmosphere for his creations.

For many years, Babinski devoted himself almost exclusively to drawing and engraving but, in more recent times, he has taken up painting. To Babinski's basic expressionism, in which a cubist influence was present in his early works, romantic and surrealist elements verging on lyricism have been added. A caricatured, grotesque propensity has emerged, without completely relinquishing rational aspects and without pursuing irony or phantasmagoria.

Brazil: Many Eyes, Different Visions


Brazil: Many Eyes, Different Visions is a visual arts exhibition showcasing different artists and their diverse styles.

Visual Arts
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