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About Akwaba Cultural Exchange:


The Akwaba Cultural Exchange was founded in Ontario by Jean Assamoa in July 2008 as an educational and cultural exchange organization.

The Akwaba Cultural Exchange aims to promote knowledge of traditional African dance and rhythms, and their origins as a way to enhance people’s awareness of African culture and history as well to promote a sense of identity and origin for North Americans of African descent and Canadians.

The Rhythms and Identity of Akwaba


“Akwaba” is a commonly-used word in the Ivory Coast of West Africa by Akan people, meaning “welcome.” In a sense, the word truly reflects the philosophy of the Akwaba Cultural Exchange. The organization's goal is to raise awareness of West Africa’s rich histories of dance and music, and to bring people together through the common appreciation of Africa’s cultural resources. 

Dance Music Learning
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