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Photo: Johnathan Crawford


About Sidi Touré:

Sidi Touré is from Bamako, Mali, and draws inspiration from traditional music and religion, but is informed by western blues, rock and culture. Touré made his first guitar as a child, constructing it from his wooden writing slate in the ancient town of Gao, Mali. The winner of two Malian national awards for best singer, he was leader of Gao’s regional orchestra, The Songhaï Stars, and is a nationally renowned figure in his home country. Outside Mali, Touré is mainly known for his appearance in filmmaker Vincent Moon's Take-Away Show series of videos, which feature the worlds most buzz-worthy musicians. In 2011, Touré released his debut album Sahel Folk for Thrill Jockey, and toured North America for the first time. The tour took him to prestigious venues and festivals, including New York’s Lincoln Center, Chicago’s Old Town School of Folk Music, and the Chicago World Music Festival. Touré naturally mixes tradition and modernity, African magic and city-dwelling dilemmas. The songs on his critically-acclaimed second album, Koima, are personal tributes to the Songhaï folk music traditions, which, depending on the rhythm, are called Takambas, Holleys, Gao-Gaos, or Shallos.


Masters of Mali Featuring Sidi Touré


Masters of Mali deliver ancient African string airs as if they were written today, speaking to generations of tomorrow. Featuring Sidi Touré.

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