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About the ukelele:

From Portuguese origins and made famous in Hawaii, the ukulele inspires confidence, passion and deep emotion, both happy and sad. It is related the Portuguese cavaquinho  and the rajao, the Puerto Rican bordonua, the Venezuelan cuatro, the Colombian tiple, the timple of the Canary Islands, the Spanish vihuela, and the Andean charango .

It is played with enthusiasm in Canada, where it was introduced by educator J. Chalmers Doane into the school music programs, as an inexpensive and practical teaching instrument to encourage musical literacy. 

More recently the ukulele has emerged from the underground, from being the object of mirth and underserved scorn and is being played by more and more people who are rediscovering its versatility. From to Elvis, from your granny to your neighbour’s child, the uke movement goes from strength to strength. Ukulele clubs have sprung up, sales are climbing exponentially and people who have never played an instrument before and discovering the musician within.

So dust off that uke and bring it down with pride to Harbourfront Centre as we attempt to bring as many ukulele players as possible together to play a resounding, uplifting and downright fantastic version of the "1812 Overture." Haven’t played for years? Have only just started? No worries, brush up sessions will be available on site and projected chording will keep everyone strumming straight. You know you want to!

Ukelele Project


The simplicity of the ukulele re-creating the pomp of the "1812 Overture" - an intersection of classic proportions.

Featuring: Brenna MacCrimmon, Eve Goldberg, Joel Schwartz, and David Olson.

Bring your ukelele to the Ukelele Workshop with Judy Marshak and learn the chorus to "1812 Overture"!

Music Learning
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