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About Donald Quan:

Composer Donald Quan has recently finished revamping the Musideum main store and recreated Musideum as a place where music is intimately shared from performer to audience with as little to get in the way of the flow of music and expression as possible. Musideum opened five years ago, and is a one-of-a-kind shop stocked with rare and hard-to-find instruments: udus, koras, ocarinas, cajitas, clavichords, and more.  More akin to a museum than a retail store—albeit a museum where visitors are encouraged to touch, play with, and purchase the artifacts.




A music emporium full of wondrous instruments comes to Harbourfront Centre!

Composer and owner, Donald Quan, will host a short presentation on the history behind some of the most fascinating instruments from his store. And if you want to take them home, he is happy to accept cheques, visa or hard cash!

There will also be a display of instruments on site.

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