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Renewal is a spark within the spirit of each individual, community, and nation that can be the push that is needed to reclaim more positive outcomes for artists and their communities.

Rain Plan - CerAmony


Born of the silenced voice of the Cree Youth in 2002, CerAmony's founding members Pakesso Mukash and Matthew Iserhoff have quickly become the musical ambassadors of the Cree people of James Bay.

Their first song, First Son, and its lyrics were aimed directly at those in power (Cree and otherwise) at the time, and became the anthem of that generation. Since then, CerAmony have established themselves as a force to be reckoned with in the Cree world of music.

The band name, CerAmony (in which the A is represented by a sacred ceremonial tent) came to Pakesso upon waking up from a dream one day. Both members agreed that it was a perfect name in the universal aspect that every race, religion and creed have ceremonies. This pride and message can also be shared with CerAmony's brothers and sisters from other Indigenous nations.
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