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Still from Amaqqut Nunaat (The Country of Wolves)

IndigenUS Short Films Series


A trio of short films explores the indigenous experience.

Sloth pokes gentle fun at stereotypes about the Inuit people, past and present.
dir. Alethea Arnaquq-Baril

In Games of the North, four Inuit athletes travel throughout Alaska competing in the ancestral games of strength. Acrobatic and explosive, these sports are vital for survival in the hostile Arctic. As waves of change sweep across their traditional lands, their role is stronger than ever.
dir. Jonathon Stanton

In Amaqqut Nunaat (The Country of Wolves), is a traditional Inuit story about two brothers who find themselves adrift on broken sea ice while hunting for seal. They find themselves on shore of a strange and distant land where nothing is what it seems, a land where men can shape-shift into wolves, and music and merriment can be the sounds of danger.
dir. Neil Christopher

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