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Emilie Corbiere, a descendant of the Walpole Island First Nation, wrote her first play at the age of eight and has continued to write poetry and short stories for fun. During the school year, you'll find her visiting many classrooms from grades three to twelve, speaking about aboriginal culture.

Emilie's commitment to her culture through storytelling is a Celebration of her art and community.

Emilie Corbiere: Porcupine and Friends


Emilie Corbiere is the author of Porcupine's Bad Day, an aboriginal children's storybook based on the adventures of a sometimes grumpy sourpuss of a porcupine.

It was followed by Porcupine Goes to the City, Porc and Beans, and the latest installment, Porcupine and the Powwow.

Each story – written partly in Ojibwe and partly in English for kids aged 4-9 years old – has four new Ojibwe words to learn.

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