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About Dance Xpression:
Dance Xpression is a workshop series for female dancers and women of all ages. Created by two of the industry's leading dancers and choreographers, Kay-Ann Ward and MsToya Robinson. Both choreographers came together to create a dance workshop that helps female dancers and women "embrace the confidence they have within... let go and Xpress themselves" by teaching them a variety of dance styles, that is catered to their body, style and attitude.

Dance Xpression offers workshops for professional female dancers and women who want to explore new movements, let go and have a good time. More than just a workshop, Dance Xpression is a way of being that helps female dancers become better dancers/performers and help women with their movement and confidence by exploring new and exciting dance styles.

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About Kay-Ann Ward:
Kay-Ann Ward is a choreographer, fitness instructor, dance instructor, creator of Sweat B4 U Sweat “Caribbean Dance Workout” and the founder of Bold Movement, a production and entertainment company that connects, entertains and inspires it's audience through dance performances, events and workshops.
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About LaToya Robinson:

MsToya Robinson is a dancer/choreogapher/teacher, and the founder of both the Diva Dollz entertainment company and Dance in Motion, a dance programme she teaches in elementary and high schools integrated into their gym curriculum. She is also a member of the Thunderstruck Canada Dance Competition team, where she is the judge coordinator and head tabulator.
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Come Dance with Me, Canada featuring Dance Xpression


Are you ready to learn the hottest dance moves from two of the dance industry's leading choreographers and dancers. Get ready because the founders of Dance Xpression, Kay-Ann Ward and MsToya Robinson, are here to teach you everything you need to know about dance!

Dance Xpression will be on-site throughout the Canada Day: Going Global festival providing workshops, performances and interactive dance freezes for all ages to enjoy along side DJ Manifest.

Sizzling Caribbean Moves (SCM):  The first class of it's kind, created by Kay-Ann Ward. SCM brings the hot, sultry dance moves from the Caribbean into an instructional and choreography based dance class. The perfect mix of dancehall and soca for all to enjoy

Hip Hop Boot Camp: Are you ready to be pushed past your breaking point and have fun while doing so? Well, this high intensity class integrates the toughness of a boot camp in the warm up and then a fun hip hop dance class vibe for all to enjoy.

Performance Dance: Do you love to perform and or want to learn how to perform, then this is the workshop for you. We will teach you a hot and exciting performance routine to an energetic song, teach you the tools you need to tap into your performance attitude, which allows you to truly let go and enjoy yourself. This teaser workshop is perfect for everyone to enjoy.

Hot n Heels: Grab your hottest heels, this class is all about feeling confident in yourself and commanding the room with your moves. In this class you will learn a sassy stylized combo to a chart-topping song that will help you embrace the hotness in you... it's all about having fun, so let go and don’t be afraid to get into the moment and Xpress yourself!  Come with or without your heels, it is all up to you, for all to enjoy.

Dance Vixen:  Learn how to dance like the fabulous ladies you see in your favourite dance videos. Beyonce, Ciara, Madonna and Lady Gaga and the list goes on. Dance Vixen was created by Kay-Ann Ward to give ladies the opportunity to really let go. Being a dance vixen is all about embracing yourself, and being free with your movement, for everyone to enjoy.

Dancehall Heat: Learn the hottest dancehall moves. Start off with the popular Sweat B4 U Sweat Caribbean Dance Workout warm up, and then move into learning choreography that is fun, and innovative. This class is for everyone that loves the music and moves from Jamaica.

Jazz Funk: A perfect fusion of jazz and hip hop dance. Learn to dance like Beyonce, Rihanna and Britney Spears in this fast-paced and energy-heavy class. This unique and stylized class is a modern take on the old dance style of jazz, combining dynamic and electrifying moves with the popular bass pounding songs of today. A change from the norm this class will be fun and sassy. Perfect for all to enjoy.


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