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About Casa Grande Foundation:

Founded in 1992 by Brazilian musicians Alemberg Quindins and Rosiane Limaverde, the Casa Grande Foundation is supported by UNICEF and other partners. The Foundation uses communications training and youth empowerment to invigorate one of Brazil's poorest regions.

The simple concept of providing new opportunities for children to act as the catalyzing force behind change is at the heart of his innovation. About 70 children and adolescents participate in planning and decision-making, and are also included in the management of the Foundation. They produce videos, comic books, newsletters and radio programmes for children and youth. They also run the theatre. They operate the lighting, shoot and edit a TV show, stage radio programs, and basically do everything in the theatre. From directing a communications school to managing a radio station to serving as museum guides, young people are at the helm of initiatives that have already transformed the city of Nova Olinda and are sending ripples throughout Brazil. As they study methods of communication from prehistory to the era of multimedia, the youngsters rediscover their culture and become stakeholders in its preservation. The work conducted with the boys and girls of Nova Olinda has also successfully changed the socioeconomic profile of the local population. With their own creativity and enhanced education, the region's young people are leading their communities toward economic revitalization and cultural rebirth. Fundação Casa Grande attracts nearly 3,000 visitors per month, thus helping the municipality attain the Brazilian Tourism Company's tourist destination classification.

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The representatives from Casa Grande Foundation will be talking to the audience about their work with youth and kids.

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