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About Baby Steinberg:

Using salvaged materials to craft iconic designs, Baby Steinberg’s work has an underlying message: “What we throw away is not always garbage.” With every piece, Steinberg sets out to craft unique and dramatic designs from a wide range of reprocessed materials and fabrics such as plastic bags, coffee filters and surgical masks. Steinberg’s magnetic personality has helped her build a wide network of scavengers who share her passion for collecting and recycling materials for her collections. As a Toronto-based, Brazilian-born designer, Baby Steinberg’s glamorous and eclectic design aesthetic brings a vibrant energy to her couture collections. Inspired by Brazilian culture and her volunteer work with children in the favelas of southern Brazil, Baby believes strongly in the beauty that comes from creating something out of nothing.


Toys Made with Recyclables Workshop with Baby Steinberg


Learn how to make toys using recyclable material with Baby Steinberg.

There will be four sessions throughout the day for approximately 12 kids in each session.

Craft & Design Learning Family
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