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About Solange Escosteguy Cardoso:

Solange Escosteguy Cardoso was born in Porto Alegre, Brazil. A visual artist, painter and sculptor, she took part in the Nova Objetividade Brasileira which became a turning point movement for Brazilian Art in the sixties.

Throughout her career, Solange Escosteguy worked on multiple media, such as canvases, cotton, silk, wood, iron and papier maché. Her “wearable art,” objects, paintings and sculptures have been exhibited  in a number of museums and galleries in Brazil and abroad. 

Papier Maché Workshop with Solange Escosteguy Cardoso


Learn papier maché skills and create anything your imagination can conjure up! Papier Maché is a form of construction or sculpture where bits of paper are stuck together with paste. When the paste dries the construction is hard and can be painted or varnished.

Facilitated by Solange Escosteguy Cardoso. 

Craft & Design Learning Family
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