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Photo: Diana Reyes


About Fly Lady Di:

Toronto-born dancer/choreographer/actor Diana Reyes (a.k.a. Fly Lady Di) has been active for over a decade. Some of her first dance roles included a part in the movie Honey, as well as music videos for Fall Out Boy, Ashley Simpson, Tweet and Fabolous to name a few. She's known around the world for her house dance freestyle of which she trained in her hometown of New York City. Fly Lady Di has judged several international dance competitions including World of Dance Toronto as well as UDO's Canadian Street Dance Championships. She teaches weekly at Toronto's top dance studios (CDC, SDA) and has taught at length in Winnipeg and Mumbai. Di has recently choreographed the famed web series Prison Dancer. As she constantly learns and grows, she wants to continue spreading true dance culture worldwide!


Dance Workshop with Fly Lady Di


House and hip hop dance emerged and became popular in the early 1990s by a dance crew called The Mop Tops out of New York City. Fly Lady Di had the privilege of training with them intensively while she lived in New York and wishes to preserve these dances by teaching them worldwide. The styles could be described as funky, energetic, soulful and rhythmic - as their influences are Latin dance, African dance and American musical theatre (tap and jazz). In this workshop, students will get a chance to learn a bit of history behind the movements, brush up on dance vocabulary and discover a new aesthetic behind popular dance styles. You'll also get to bust a move (or two) as well. Undeniably fun, intense and enlightening. 

Dance Learning
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