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Arabesque Bellydancing Workshop with Yasmina Ramzy


Arabesque artistic director Yasmina Ramzy, accompanied by Arabesque percussion director Suleiman Warwar, lead a workshop that explores a fascinating journey of experiencing a new way of connecting with one's body and the rich ancient culture of the Middle East. They have taught workshops in 60 cities around the globe from Hong Kong to Vienna to Puerto Rico for over 30 years.

Accompanied by live drumming, the first half of the workshop covers the unique movement of the famous bellydance that sets it apart from all other dance forms. In the second half, Yasmina introduces audiences to the wide variety of exciting dance styles from Egypt to Saudi Arabia. Instruction includes recognizing the different styles of music and rhythm and then how to apply the appropriate steps and character of each style. She will cover traditional dance from the mysterious veiled women of the Gulf to the bold Bedouins of the Sahara, from the sailors of the Suez Canal to the fierce fighters of Upper Egypt and ritual dance like the Zaar Exorcism and the Whirling Dervish.

Dance Learning
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