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About Afrafranto:

Afrafranto, which means butterfly in the Akan language of Ghana, West Africa, perform authentic acoustic palmwine music. Palmwine is a West African music genre that evolved among the Kru people from Liberia and Sierra Leone. Portuguese guitars were introduced by sailors to these regions and the locals combined their melodies with Trinidadian calypso and created palm wine music. Trinidadian calypso music had a profound effect on local music, and is still identifiable in palmwine music. Palmwine music was named after the drink from the naturally fermented sap of palm oil, which was shared at gatherings where African guitarists played.

The band features two Juno award-winning members of the African Guitar Summit group - Theo Yaa Boakye on lead vocals and shakers, Pa Joe on guitar and vocals - along with Ebenezer Agyekum on bass guitar, Sam Donkor on balafon and Kwame Twum on percussion.




Afrafranto bring palmwine, a West African brand of charmingly relaxed acoustic folk-style music, to Harbourfront Centre.

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