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About Freedom Writers:

The Freedom Writers movement is a collective of Toronto-based artists who have unified their talents and focused towards creating positive, socially, politically and consciously aware music. The movement consists of producer Big Sproxx and emcees Theology 3, Tona, Adam Bomb, Frankie Payne and Progress. Hard-hitting production and concise, sharply worded lyrics are the key elements that define this talented collective.

About JD Era:

With over six years in the game you may think you know about JD Era already, but guess again. Sure Era has been a staple artist in Toronto, receiving multiple acclamations and notable plays on the radio. He has collaborated with some of today's most popular artists and producers. But this year, Era is finally taking his well deserved spot within the entertainment landscape. With a music style that is true to his renowned, raw and energetic talent, JD Era has the attention of key players and legends in the game. Backed by an experienced and digitally savvy team, Era is gearing up to embark on a revolutionary new approach to music. Not only will he be releasing his greatest, most commercially viable music ever, he'll be doing it through innovative methods which have already helped him expand his fan base well beyond the border and overseas.

With over a million views on YouTube, and in-depth coverage on countless blogs and websites, this Toronto artist is truly living up to the fact that he is one of Canada's best lyricists and ghost writers. Applauded by his peers and other industry professionals for his freestyle flow, JD possess an unrelenting demeanor and competitive attitude that will most definitely continue to serve him well. Era released No Handouts on April 16, 2012 with appearances from Grammy Award-winning producer 9th Wonder and BET Producer of the Year, Lex Luger. Era fans have proclaimed the highly anticipated No Handouts project to be a XXL freshmen classic. Click here  to download.

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Freedom Writers with Special Guest JD Era


The Freedom Writers movement is a collective of Toronto-based artists that include Big Sproxx, Theology 3, Tona, Adam Bomb, Frankie Payne and Progress. With JD Era.

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