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About Seán Savage:

Seán Savage wears many hats. He is a mastering engineer, mixing and recording engineer, producer, re-mixer and a DJ. He considers himself a music fan first. Savage indulged his passion for music from a young age.

"I have always been around music. When I was younger, my dad would always be playing music around the house and my mother would always be singing to me. One minute it was Tom Jones and the Bee Gees, the next minute it was Mozart."

Savage grew up in the '80s. It was an era of new technology. His musical psyche was forged then.

"I grew up in a time when music was about new sounds and new textures that evoked emotions in a new way."

The Savage One as he is known, started out as many do in his basement fiddling around.

"I would record songs on this little tape deck that I used to have. Then I would try and cut mix it into the next song on the beat. It used to take me a whole day to mix a song!"

He’s come a long way from those days. He has made a name for himself as a club DJ the world over. He was immersed into house clubs. His passion for music was heightened. Savage learned to please the crowds of people and sired an intimacy with guests through the medium of sound.

"I paid my dues doing weddings and parties for crowds of all ages. I even did this one party in a curling rink!"

This gave him his first experiences of discovering what a crowd wants and how to deliver it with his own style.
Savage attended a private high school, then university and finally law school. Seán was on the road to becoming a corporate lawyer.

"I would have been a very good lawyer, but my passion for music eclipsed my passion for law. I decided to take a year off, attend production school, and see where I was at in a year."

His many years as a DJ, and the relationships he formed proved fruitful.

"Before I went to production school, I had already secured an internship at a studio."

While Seán interned at a mastering studio in Toronto he learned what mastering was all about.

"I had no idea just how much work and how much knowledge was required to master songs."

Despite his technical knowledge gained at the mastering studio and his programming ability as a DJ, Savage was pulled in another direction.

"I knew that I wanted to do more than solely play records that other people made."

Savage updated his skill set. He hit the books and studied music again. With his previous musical background playing various instruments it wasn’t entirely new to him.

"I focused more on the areas I knew I was weak in."

He did this because he felt that as a producer, he had to deepen his overall musical knowledge, develop his listening skills and advance his knowledge of music theory. It paid off. He found his way into producing his own songs, then re-mixing songs by others.

"I think music is food for the soul and the life force of the human race."

This view of the world is a thread that weaves its way through all that Seán does in his life.

Play De Record Academy Presents: Cutting Edge Music Technology


Technological advances have given the artist an open door to creating as much as their capacity will allow. The line between performance and production has become less clear now. This music technology workshop, featuring Ableton Live, Traktor, Maschine and Reason will be led by Seán Savage (pictured). It will explore techniques required to compose, record and edit music, in real time, on stage or in the studio. Participants will learn how to implement  today's cutting edge technology into their current workflow.

Music Learning
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