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About OPOPO:

The first single of 2012, “Exorcism,” captures OPOPO's affinity for pulsing guitar synths with hands-in-the-air intensity and Sabbath-inspired riffs. Expelling demonic moods through mind-expanding rock, they conjure a variety of styles, with their b-side, “Funny N Raw,” disguised as a gritty low-key confessional rap. The track is minimal, loaded with booty bass and built for that place where you spend your money and shake your butt all night long.

Performance has always been the essence of OPOPO and continues to remain their focus. Hours streaming into eons were spent on a quest to create the perfect live electronic setup that would still allow them to shred without restraint. Studio effects were exploited, as they pushed their live show to the threshold, where live drums side-chain a lone guitar tone that rumbles at the lowest of notches, the kind of deep that could shake bricks loose from the palace of the gods.

The duo (Bryan Sutherland, vocals/guitar, Corey Poole, drums/vocals) first hit their stride in 2008 upon joining Urbnet records with their self-titled EP that focused on bringing organic sounds to the digital realm. NOW magazine called them “an unorthodox concoction of raw modern rock and post-rave dance music.” Spastic and aggressive tracks like “Odoktro” and “Clockstop” caught the attention of listeners nationwide, taking them to stages at Toronto’s NXNE, Virgin Fest, CMW, Pride, Roger’s Picnic and as far as Denmark’s SPOT Festival. Their previous album, Light Work, reached #1 on !earshot’s electronic charts, and OPOPO was voted into the Top 10 of AUX.TV’s electronic bands of 2012.

Within the past year, OPOPO have built a minimal yet expansive setup that will reproduce, or surpass, the intensity of the summer 2012 LP.

Only they know what comes next...

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SoundClash Shortlisted Artist - OPOPO


A duo that delivers stage magic with a rock-meets-techno sound. As (o)zone binds with (p)hospherous so do synths, drums and waves. OPOPO is not just a name, but a formula for light.

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