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About Rich Kidd:

Once in a while, a talent comes along who isn’t bound by conventional wisdom. He doesn’t follow the rules. He’s a mad musical genius with the vision of creating a monster. Rich Kidd, critically acclaimed producer, MC, songwriter and director, is that talent.
The Toronto native is everywhere. Covering publications like NOW and HipHopCanada, winning Stylus & Toronto Independent Music Awards, touring Australia and Canada, producing music for everyone from Drake to Busta Rhymes to Nelly Furtado and releasing one of his country’s farthest reaching mixtape series (We On Some Rich Kidd Sh*t 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5), Rich Kidd’s spent the last five years making wave after wave. It’s his 360-degree musical vision that allows him such well-rounded success, but it’s brutally honest charisma, infectious production and fierce lyricism that garner such a passionate, diverse global following.

The game doesn’t stop, the stakes just keep getting bigger. Rich Kidd is a world class talent, whose home country embraces with open arms and the international audiences continue to learn about. His distinct productions anchor him as an undeniable musical force, while his refreshing lyrical ability and charismatic showmanship catapult him to new opportunities. Even with such far reaching accolades, it’s Rich Kidd’s intangibles that make him a threat to the status quo. The Kidd’s got a Rich future.

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SoundClash Shortlisted Artist Rich Kidd


This Toronto-born, critically acclaimed producer, MC, songwriter and director is a mad musical genius with the vision of creating a monster.

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