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About Nagata Shachu:

Since forming in 1998 and taking its name from founder Kiyoshi Nagata and "shachu" (an old term for a performing troupe), Nagata Shachu is renowned for physically demanding performances, a diverse repertoire and the highest levels of musicianship and discipline.

Combining thunderous, primal drumbeats with subtle, intricate rhythms, the group produces a wide spectrum of sound. Featuring an arsenal of Japanese taiko (including the massive O-Daiko), gongs, bells, wooden clappers, shakers, bamboo flutes and voice, Nagata Shachu will take you on a musical journey.

Nagata Shachu - Work Songs

Regular:$25-$35 Students/Seniors:$20

Nagata Shachu, Toronto’s premiere Japanese taiko (drum) and music group present its 14th annual concert with a new production titled Work Songs.  In Japan, there is a saying, “Where there is work, there is song.”  Such songs, often cheerful and uplifting in nature, were used to help pass the time of day as well as to coordinate the efforts of a group of workers. Nagata Shachu will premiere several new heart-pounding compositions, paying tribute to the traditional labourers, farmers, fishermen, woodcutters and carpenters of Japan in a dramatic new show.


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