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About Zane Caplansky:
Zane Caplansky was born to own a deli. Once a consultant, politician, chef apprentice and everything in between, Zane was frustrated with the lack of good smoked meat in Toronto. Back in 2008, he opened his deli in the modest Monarch Tavern where he began curing, smoking and hand-slicing briskets. Zane has come a long way since then, now celebrating the success of the busy College St. location that boasts a proud sense of old school authenticity and a lively atmosphere.

Zane Caplansky is driven by a passion for quality. Caplansky’s has gained international praise being called the messiah of smoked meat and garnered some serious street cred for Toronto's deli rejuvenation. Zane swells with pride at being the culinary leader of the downtown Jewish cultural revival. He is also one new breed of deli men who looks to the local farmers market for inspiration, sourcing all the meat served in the deli from small Ontario farms. He has built a strong sense of community within the deli, spreading love with his Jewish comfort food all made from scratch.


Hot & Spicy Smokehouse featuring Zane Caplansky from Caplansky’s


Enjoy a world of smoky flavours with a demonstration by Zane Caplansky from Caplansky’s!


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