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WiijiiNiijii Lodge* featuring David West


Born in Ecuador and raised in Canada, David West is a multi-string and vocal prodigy who has thrilled audiences the world over with his stunning virtuosity. Using fretless nylon & steel string guitars and Tumak harp-guitar, he performs contemporary arrangements with northern and southern Quichua, Shuar and Tsachila nations, as well as coastal and Andean Afro-Ecuadorian music.

His current projects include the musical Ayawaska, his 2011 CD Choclo y la Orgia Cosmica, and his ethno-blues configuration.

David's music represents the spark of Renewal from being inspired by music of the past and reinventing it in a contemporary format. | Friend on Facebook

(* Wee-Gee Nee-Gee)

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