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Aaron Joseph Bear Robe originally hails from Siksika Nation, Alberta. Born of a Blackfoot father and a Scottish-Nova Scotian mother, his rich and varied cultural background informs his dynamic cooking style.

Working in various kitchens in Calgary during school from a young age, Aaron immersed himself in the life of a professional cook from 2003 onwards. He began working at River Café, in Calgary, where attention to hand-crafted food made from the finest local ingredients left an indelible mark in him. In the almost three years he worked there he worked every station on the kitchen line and became a chef de partie, apprenticing under Chef Scott Pohorelic. While at River Café, Aaron also completed the culinary appreticeship program at Southern Alberta Institute of Technology as well as working at a modern Indian cuisine restaurant, Mango Shiva.

Working at River Café allowed Aaron the opportunity to spend time at Blue Mountain Biodynamic Farms just outside of Calgary learning a love for fresh ingredients with hands in the dirt. During this time Aaron accompanied chef Scott Pohorelic as acting sous chef to the first ever Canadian Chef's Congress in Singhampton, Ontario hosted by chef Michael Stadtlander at Eigensinn Farm. There at Eigensinn, during the Congress, Aaron saw the opportunity to learn more. Shortly after returning to Calgary chef Pohorelic arranged for an apprenticeship at Eigensinn farm and early 2009 he began his six-month apprenticeship under chef Michael Stadtlander. Arriving there Aaron immersed himself in all aspects of farm life, along with aiding chef Stadtlander in Eigensinn Farm dinner services. Being there at that time gave Aaron the unique privilege of helping to build and open HaiSai Restaurant and Bakery.

With the arrival of fall Aaron was on the move again and he headed to Toronto. Aaron begun working at chef Victor Barry’s newly revamped Splendido where there was plenty to learn from a chef and kitchen exploring a rustic, elegant, locally sourced menu. Staying on for a year and learning was opportune as he worked alongside Dennis Tay where their mutual passion of food and honouring the ingredient has continued on with Keriwa Café.

Brunch with Keriwa Café - Aaron Joseph Bear Robe


Chef Aaron Joseph Bear Robe employs the finest quality locally and regionally sourced ingredients, drawing from many food cultures across Canada to make honest, delicious, rustic food to be enjoyed by all who come to the hearth of Keriwa Café. | Like on Facebook

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