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About Robert Faulkner (workshop leader):

Robert Faulkner has been involved in a variety of theatre projects since 1990 and first appeared on stilts in the Shadowland Mas band Star Tribes at Caribana 1996. He has been a featured performer in all of SwizzleStick Theatre's major productions, including Ancestral Spirits, Harvest and DALI GALA, as well as in many collaborations with other organizations.

As SwizzleStick Theatre's managing director, he organized and administered the Ontario Arts Council supported project at Dundas Public School which brought 45 students in Grades 4 and 5 into performance on stilts.

He has taught stilts to children and adults at public and private schools (Shaugnessy, Queen Alexandra, Island Public, Toronto Waldorf, Upper Canada College, York University) and in collaboration with other arts organizations (Shadowland Theatre, ArtStarts, Participate Community Arts Program, and many others) and for the City of Toronto (Parks and Recreation).

About Moko Jumbie:

The Moko Jumbie is a "diviner" figure, rooted in African heritage and adapted in Trinidad, who wears colourful garb and a carnival mask, watching over his village and able to foresee danger and evil.


Moko Jumbie: The Dancing Spirits of Trinidad (For Kids!)


This workshop is an elementary introduction to the traditions of Moko Jumbie (stilt-dancing spirit of the forest) and all of its transitions from Africa to the Caribbean and Canada. Originating as a secret society of village guardians, Moko Jumbies are now featured in carnival and cultural presentations around the world, still inspiring awe and wonder.

The workshop will be activity-oriented with hands-on participation. Using specially designed short training stilts sized for children, two senior instructors will lead a stilt-dancing workshop.


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