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The following short film will screen just prior to La Hija Natural (Love Child):

A Day in a Bajan Life: Episode #5 "Izebo"

Local hero, Rastafarian, artist and philosopher, Izebo, is a homeless artist whose commissioned murals are seen all over the walls of Barbados.

A Day in a Bajan Life is a series of 10 cinematic, short film portraits of everyday life and people in Barbados, directed and shot by acclaimed Swedish filmmaker Pelle Hybbinette, an adopted Bajan. It’s an attempt to show the beautiful variety and contrast of this "paradise" island, from black to white, rich to poor. Pelle brings his love for his adopted island and a discerning and unique eye to his subjects. Two keywords are the dreams and ambitions of the subjects.

Directed by Pelle Hybbinette.

13.5 mins | Barbados | 2011

La Hija Natural (Love Child)


As a child, María was a simple and sensitive young girl with the strange habit of putting ladybugs in her mouth. After her mother dies in an accident, 18-year-old María decides to look for the father she has never met. She finds him living in a dark old house located in the middle of an abandoned banana plantation, which the locals claim to be haunted by spirits, living with an enigmatic Haitian as his only companion. La Hija Natural (Love Child) is a vibrant story about the universal search for oneself through love, forgiveness and the realization of the mystery of life.


About Director Leticia Tonos:

Leticia Tonos is working as a production assistant for one of the pioneer production companies in the Dominican Republic, Claudio Chea Films. She has worked as a line producer for TV commercials and feature films, not only for local but also for international companies. She has studied at the London Film School. She is a founding member of ADOCINE (Dominican Association of Film Industry Professionals). Tonos is not only the first Dominican woman to direct a feature film, Love Child (La Hija Natural) is also the first coproduction between the Dominican Republic and Puerto Rico and was winner of the Audience Choice Award at the 27th Chicago Latino Film Festival.

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