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About the Graphic Novel, Red Power
At the request of tribal elders in a southern community, Billy and his Native Movement chapter are called in to assist community members caught in the middle of a manufactured land struggle. The Native Movement, a political and spiritual group, spread far and wide across North America is active on both sides of the Canadian and United States border. Narrated by the wolf, the past is explained as current events unfold around the main characters who find themselves immersed in a bloody range war created by a corrupt band council chief and corporate/government interests. Throughout his journey Billy finds his own physical and spiritual place in the grand scheme of things. Treachery and beauty line the road to enlightenment.

About the Creator of Red Power
Brian Wright-McLeod is a Toronto-based Native music journalist, radio host, author of the groundbreaking Encyclopedia of Native Music and producer of the book's companion 3-CD collection, The Soundtrack of a People with EMI Music. The foremost authority on Native music, Brian was a consultant for the Smithsonian Institute's Native music exhibit Up Where We Belong and the Aboriginal Sound Recordings: Music and Song.

As an industry activist he has been involved with the Aboriginal committee for the Juno Awards and worked on the advisory committee that established the Grammy Award's Native American music category. His knowledge of and passion for Native music inspired the creation of the Native Music Research Institute, a living archive derived from years of work. In 2011, Fifth House published his first graphic novel, Red Power, which he wrote and illustrated.

Red Power: A Graphic Novel Workshop


This workshop will take audiences through the story process by getting an in-depth look at character creation and development. By reviewing and analyzing the visual elements of Brian Wright-McLeod's graphic novel, Red Power, audiences will also get a chance to discuss how it was conceived.

Visual Arts Learning
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