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Don Ross photo © Marco Schilling


Renewal can be the spark of inspiration for artists. It can be something as simple as discovering a new method of creating your art or reinventing a standard form or style that creates the necessary change.

By the age of 10, Don Ross was playing less with a pick and more with his fingers. He began playing publicly (and for money) in his hometown of Montreal at the age of 15. Around the same time he discovered the music of legendary Canadian singer/guitarist Bruce Cockburn, and Don was amazed that such an insightful lyricist could also be a tremendous guitarist. He was inspired to write his first instrumental tune for solo guitar around this time.

Fingerstyle Guitar & Rhythm Workshop


Be inspired by the strong instrumental tunes of Don Ross, a finger-picking guitar champion fascinated by the possibility of playing several lines at once: melody, middle voices and bass line.

Don Ross performs live on the Redpath® Stage at 1:30pm and 3pm. Details here.

Music Learning
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