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About Orit Shimoni:

Orit Shimoni has spent the past few years living and travelling as a full-time artist. Of no fixed address, she has been touring with critical acclaim as a singer-songwriter throughout Canada and Europe, with three independently released albums and more on the way.

Before shedding the "normal" life, Orit worked as a school teacher for eight years in Jerusalem and then in Montreal, where she also completed a master's degree in theological studies. Her thesis was about ethics, language and symbol, and was published as a book entitled, Symbolic Structure in Ethics, Language, and Revelation.

Orit has written a few other children's books, and is currently working on several other writing and recording projects.


Orit Shimoni's The Book of Light


The Book of Light is the heartwarming exchange between a questioning child and his uncle, about what makes things bright. Using a combination of science and various cultures' mythologies, the uncle reveals an array of ideas from different times and peoples about the source and power, real and symbolic, of light. Great for kids 2-5.

This short story told through audio and projections runs every half hour from 11am - 4:30pm.

You can also catch Orit Shimoni performing live in the Lakeside Terrace daily at 3pm. Click here for details.

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