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OKA is a celebration of Australian cultures with a very present, powerful & uniting indigenous cultural overtone running throughout the music. Electrified Didgeridoo, heavy slide guitar, soaring flutes and juju rhythms are some of the many ingredients in this Australian sound that's matured over a decade. Humble beginnings busking on street corners have led to global tripping & independent CD sales in excess of 100,000 albums. Their past is unique & reflects a sun-drenched coastal lifestyle they call home. | facebook

Didge 101


How do you make that sound?!? Now's your chance to learn more about the varying complexity of the didgeridoo. How does the shape of the instrument affect its tone? How does vibration contribute to the overall sound? What happens when you move your tongue, change the shape of your mouth, or add vocalizations to the drone? How can the inhalations and exhalations during circular breathing compliment rhythms? Did you know that these sounds usually relate to sounds emitted by Australian animals, such as the dingo? There's a lot to talk about!

This intimate and interactive workshop will be led by OKA members Chris Lane, Charles Wall, and DidgeriStu (Stu Fergie).

Music Learning
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