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Tapestry Woven Piece by Charley Young.
Photo: Amanda Rataj


About Amanda Rataj:

Amanda Rataj is a Toronto-based artist and writer with an interest in handmade and tactile practices. She is an active member at Gallery 44 Centre for Contemporary Photography, and has published in independent publications and in C Magazine and Prefix Photo. She graduated from OCAD University and currently works at the Power Plant and at the Art Gallery of Ontario.



Ever use a loom? Here’s your chance to collaborate on a woven work of art. At the end of the day, we’ll cut it from the loom and hang it on the wall.

For this workshop, led by Toronto-based artist Amanda Rataj, a frame loom (essentially a large rectangular frame) is strung length-wise with yarn - this is called the warp. Participants pick up other yarn, threads and materials and interlace them between these threads on the loom, forming the weft. Colours and patterns can create intricate shapes, and the activity can be done for as long or as short as the participant likes. Because the frame loom can be accessed from both sides, one loom can accommodate anywhere from 4-7 participants at once.

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